Keto Roast Dinner

Are you a Keto, if so you have to searching for Keto Roast Dinner. You sure have to limit carbohydrates, but now with celebrations or parties, you only have the choice to abstain from delicious food, or forget about keto and try the various carbohydrate-rich dishes served. Don’t worry, there is the best way to take it, there is delicious keto food and it can be an alternative for various important moments, including celebrations.

One of the keto foods is keto roast dinner. Famous keto diet foods that are often served on Christian holidays include:

Traditional Christmas Roast Dinner

Food is usually served for Christmas celebrations, and when dinner arrives they usually enjoy grilled food served with side dishes rich in carbohydrates such as potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and Yorkshire puddings with wheat flour and many more. ‘

So, as a keto person you must avoid foods rich in carbohydrates. There are many ways you can use to turn a traditional roast into a Christmas roast dinner recipe!

1. Keto Christmas dinner breakdown

There is the best recipe for a keto roast dinner, we will reveal the secrets of keto friendly food here. So many non-keto recipes but you can convert them to keto so you don’t need to avoid them during Christmas celebrations.

There are many keto diet recipes that you can try. You just need to gather the ingredients and then try making it with the keto version. Some of them:

– Meat

Meat is a keto-friendly food that suitable for Keto Roast Dinner recipe. All meat is keto friendly unless there are accompanying dishes that are made with carbohydrate content. As a keto person, you must avoid excessive carbohydrates, so meat is an alternative to fulfill your diet. Check recipe here.

All meat is considered keto, from turkey, free-range chicken, beef, lamb, buffalo, goat and others.

– Vegetarian option – Red cabbage steaks

If your dinner guest is a vegetarian, then you can serve a keto-friendly vegetable menu. Grilled red cabbage steak with balsamic glaze. It is very quick to prepare, and tastes amazing with a tangy sweet taste.

You can try this keto friendly vegetarian red cabbage steak recipe.

– Celeriac

This is a root vegetable that is very low in carbohydrates, it is similar to a potato in shape and texture. We usually make celeriac fries and you can make them to replace roast “potatoes” which are rich in carbohydrates.

One of the recipes is Keto Vegetarian’s Roast Celeriac with Garlic and Thyme, please visit to learn how.

– Radishes

Winter radishes are cheap, plentiful, and you can cook them like baked potatoes, so you can also use radishes as a non-keto-friendly substitute for baked potatoes.

Want to make a keto roasted radishes recipe, please check this keto roasted radishes recipe.

2. Pigs in blankets

If you like sausages wrapped in bacon as a diet food, then you need to know that it is not a low-carb food because some sausages contain rusk and breadcrumbs as bulking agents.

There are some low-carb sausages, but it’s best to make your own. You only need low-carb bacon and sausage. There is a great selection of low carb sausages that you can try and these are widely available in UK stores.

3. Braised red cabbage

Another Keto Roast Dinner is slow-cooked red cabbage with a spicy taste.

These dishes are actually available in supermarkets but most of them contain a lot of carbohydrates because they have been sweetened. For those of you who are keto, of course this is something you should avoid. For the keto version, you can see the Low Carb braised red cabbage with bacon recipe. But when you make it, there will need to be some adjustments, such as:

  • Omit bacon
  • Adding sweetener, I added a little sucralose to sweeten the dish. You can also use powdered Erythritol or liquid stevia.

4. Sprouts with bacon and garlic

Some people are against Sprouts, did you know that this vegetable is very delicious if cooked properly, it can even be a delicious keto-friendly dish.

A delicious way to cook Sprouts is to use a frying pan, butter, bacon, garlic, and a little stock.

There is a delicious recipe for this, Ruled Me’s Garlic and Bacon Brussels Sprouts recipe is perfection personified.

5. Broccoli

One of the keto-friendly foods is broccoli, 100 grams of which only contains 4 g of carbohydrates.

You can cook it by boiling it, but it is best to steam it.

6. Cauliflower cheese

Cauliflower cheese is a Keto Roast Dinner, this is a type of low-carbohydrate dish and is a dish for keto dieters. It tastes delicious and filling.

You can get Cauliflower cheese easily, there are many shops that sell it in ready-to-eat form. But making it yourself is the best alternative.

Try making it with less carbohydrate content, maybe 3 grams per 100 grams. Try aiming for Iceland’s Luxury Cauliflower Cheese recipe, it only contains 2.8g per 100g!

7. Yorkshire puddings

Usually we make Yorkshire puddings with ingredients that are not keto friendly because they use wheat flour, but you can make a keto friendly version.

We replace wheat flour with almond flour and arrowroot powder, it is not only smooth and soft but also rich in nutrients

Check out our keto Yorkshire pudding recipe, pay attention to the ingredients and cooking steps.