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About me

Hi, my name is ubaid, this is just a foodies blog that I created to help moms and any families in cooking foods or making drinks to enjoy every moment. We will share with you here about delicious and nutrient foods or drinks information. So, if you want to to get a best life and healthy, just see our recipe and practice at home.

For those of you who like the aroma of food, of course you can’t smell it without taste it, and the same goes for the color of juice or smoothie. You will share various foods and smoothies here. In essence, we will make this website a useful forum for food and drink lovers. You can use this website as your reference.

Cooking food or making drinks is not only about the taste, but we care about the health benefits provided and also the aesthetic presentation.

So, the presence of the afoodies.com blog is a place to bring joy through food and drinks.

  1. Food is not only taste but nutritious
  2. Food can provides the best moment to unite among families
  3. Food is the best and enjoyable experience
  4. And lastly, food is love, that’s why many people love culinary.

In my opinion, the perfect food in terms of taste, nutritious, and texture will give happiness and can even provide unexpected things for you.

On this site that I built, you will be invited to see anything about food and drink, especially about the shelf life of food, how to prepare, how to store, the health benefits of food and drink and even about the comparison between food and food or what we call this vs that categories.

How I Got Here

I have tried many dishes and have long experience with food in my kitchen, so I created this blog to share with you about the kitchen, and your favorite food and drink. I hope the little that I share with you will provide many benefits for you, your loved ones and your family.

Indeed, I am not a famous chef or a pro cook, but through a lot of experience, I want to give you something useful.

Talking about food, this is not just about it is tastes, but also about what the texture is like, but food is aesthetics, and knowing a lot about how to store it, how to freeze it and knowing how long the shelf life of a food or drink is.

Not only share a lot of experiences through the afoodies.com blog, but I also learned a lot about food and drinks, especially their shelf life and what they taste like from other blogs. It turns out that the world of blogging is fun plus you get a lot of valuable knowledge.