Can You Freeze Ranch Dressing

Can you freeze Ranch Dressing? This is a question that many beginners ask. Maybe you are one of those who want to know a lot about Ranch Dressing including freezing it, whether it can be frozen, and if yes, how.

OK, Ranch Dressing is a multi-purpose salad dressing that is rich in benefits besides being a dipping sauce and salad dressing.

Typically, it is used as a base in making broth or soup, used when making mac and cheese, stuffing or even in potato salad.

Ranch Dressing is a multi-purpose seasoning that was discovered in 1950 by Steve Henson. At that time, it was made into salad dressing which was given to the workers. Furthermore, because Ranch Dressing was becoming more and more famous and many said it was very delicious, he sold it by mail at that time.

Sales of Ranch Dressing continued to grow and by 1970, mail orders were growing rapidly.

Ranch Dressing is one of the important and long-lived sauces with evidence that it is still operating and continues to deliver its products to consumers.

In 2017 a survey was conducted by The Association for Dressings and Sauces. Survey results show that this is the most popular dressing in America.

The main ingredient in making it is buttermilk, then seasoned with onions, garlic and herbs. Based on the ingredients used, Ranch Dressing is a food that is easily damaged.

So, if you want to store it, store it in the refrigerator. If you survive, can it be frozen? Can it be frozen properly without damage?

Because ranch dressing is buttermilk, storing it in the refrigerator requires a lot of consideration.

Does Freezing Affect Ranch Dressing?

Yes, freezing Ranch Dressing can have an effect because it is an emulsion. An emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that normally do not mix, remaining miscible due to the strength of other ingredients such as oil and water.

So, in research it is stated that emulsified Ranch Dressing will tend to break at freezing temperatures or extreme points. Also, Ranch Dressing is made from buttermilk, an emulsion of butter and whey.

So, when frozen, the whey will separate from the butter because it will rise to the top as a yellow liquid. Meanwhile the butter and other ingredients will settle to the bottom.

If you buy Ranch Dressing at the store, it can last quite a long time because it is made using preservatives. So, that’s why we freeze Ranch Dressing?

Homemade Ranch Dressing has no preservatives so it won’t survive in nature unless you freeze it. There are also a lot of ingredients used, including ingredients like garlic which don’t last long at all.

So, many people think that freezing is the only method that can be done to prevent waste.

Food safety and inspection also recommends freezing Ranch Dressing as the only way to bind the food.

How to Free  ze Ranch Dressing?

If freezing is important to prevent spoilage in Ranch Dressing, then how do you do it?

OK, if you don’t have another way to preserve it, there are two ways you can preserve your favorite Ranch Dressing.

1. Freeze in Portions

Pour the ranch dressing into an ice cube tray. You can use a spoon to pour it into ice cube trays. But don’t make the tray full, leave about 20% of the top of the tray because when frozen, it will expand.

Then, cover the ice cube container with plastic wrap, and put it in the freezer. Let it freeze completely and this will take up to a few hours.

Remember, that covering is essential to prevent contamination and drying out. When the ranch dressing is completely frozen, remove it from the freezer and transfer it to a plastic bag that you can close tightly (seal).

If your freezer has enough space, you can also place frozen ranch dressing cubes in an airtight, microwave-safe container (this is important when you are thawing it later).

Label it with the storage date on a plastic bag or airtight container, put it back in the freezer.

2. Freeze in Bags

If you want to freeze ranch dressing in a bag, then transfer it to a sealable bag or into an airtight container.

Use a bag that is durable, freezer-safe and airtight, if it is a container, then use one that is durable and doesn’t leak easily. Don’t pack the container or bag completely, leave about 20% of the container or bag because when frozen, the ranch dressing will expand.

Squeeze out as much air in the bag as possible and close it. It’s better to use a vacuum to remove the air.

Label the bag or container with the storage date or the name of the item you are storing.

Store in the freezer. These two methods of freezing ranch dressing will make your ranch dressing last for the next 2 months.

How to Thaw Frozen Ranch Dressing?

When you want to use it, you must first melt the ranch dressing, but first there are several things you should know because melting it also requires a little effort.

Here is a general rule:

If you want to use ranch dressing that you dice when freezing or that you freeze in ice cube trays. Just take out as much as you need.

If you don’t freeze it in cube form or don’t use ice cube trays, then you’ll have to thaw the entire bag or container.

Here are two different methods:

1 – Let it Sit in the Fridge.

Remove the ranch dressing from the bag or container and place it in another bowl separately

Then put the bowl in the refrigerator for several hours until it thaws itself.

Leaving it overnight in the refrigerator will allow it to thaw completely.

After this liquefaction is complete or after 20 or 24 hours, you will see the whey and fat separated. So, it is impossible for you to return it to its original position.

But you can try combining the separated whey by adding butter and shaking it vigorously. To make your business easier, please use a mixer or blender, but start at a slow speed.

Stop mixing when your ranch dressing has reached the consistency you want. Good luck!

2 – Use a Microwave.

Using the microwave will save time and with this method you can get the best consistency. You can use this if your time is very limited. Follow the following step by step.

Take the frozen ranch dressing, transfer it to a microwave-safe bowl or container.

Then, microwave the ranch dressing by setting the heat level to low or setting the defrost setting. Heat in your microwave for 10 seconds or until everything is melted.

Take it and shake it or blend it, start adding the heated whey and fat.

Conclusion: Can You Freeze The Ranch Dressing

Storing ranch dressing in the freezer is something that is not recommended because it can change everything even if it doesn’t spoil it. However, this is recommended as a last solution when you have no other solution. Instead of having to throw away all the ranch dressing you have because it’s expired, use this method (freeze it in the freezer).

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However, if you have decided to freeze ranch dressing, thaw it properly, following the procedure we have given above.

Freezing ranch dressing is especially suitable for homemade ranch dressing because it does not contain preservatives which of course spoil quickly. If you use store-bought ranch dressing, like this, you don’t need to freeze it because it will last longer.

Can You Freeze Ranch Dressing?

Serves: 1 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 450 calories 20 fat


  1. Ranch dressing
  2. Air-tight containers or Ziplock bags
  3. Labels and markers


  1. Prepare all the ingredients needed to freeze it
  2. Follow all the steps that we have prepared in the article
  3. Don't forget to label the freezer container or plastic
  4. The disbursement time may vary according to the method you use.


There are two methods, using the microwave and leaving it in the refrigerator overnight, please follow the method you prefer, but we recommend that you use the method leaving it in the refrigerator unless you are in a hurry.